38 Comfortable Backyard Patio Design Ideas

People are always looking up ways for enhancing outdoor space. You will get to see exceeding number of people interested in novel and unique backyard patio designs. For homeowners who are interested in building up a special space to sit outside for entertaining guest on typical weekends, a comfortable and modish backyard patio does matter! Here are some basics discussed in short. Enjoy!

Patio Location

It is fairly safe to say that as a minimum, 90% of all the US built patios are somehow connected to the main home. If that is the case, you can’t step away from the consideration of the sun or shade.

As you will definitely not wish to withstand harsh sun rays which literally beat down onto your face and body when you are desperate about relaxing outside, you should take this point very seriously. When your site hardly has any kind of trees that produces sheds, you should considering getting smaller patio trees. You could go for a pergola, but there really are lots of patio covers choices that you can choose from. You can also consider using patio umbrellas for adding some cozy shades to your backyard patio.

Just like the homes with a nice view, your patio deserves some good attention especially if the property you currently have has a nice view already. Usually, the view of your patio would be the neighbors’ backyard. So, don’t pick a location that gives your patio drab views like wood fence.

Size Matters – especially while doing good backyard patio designs.

Nothing is poorer than crafting a patio which turns out to be too tiny to meet your needs. Just in case you have got your furniture already, which you will be using for the patio, it would be a good decision to take those outside. Then set those up to understand how much space you will be needing. That is because you got to be always extra sure about allowing some extra room, as you would be better off having more room than having less.

Here is a rule of thumb for you. When you are placing the pieces of furniture close to the patio edges, you should allow 16 inches as a minimum. Likewise, you will also have to consider whether any of your patio accessories don’t accommodate in the patio. Good examples are outdoor heating systems, patio fire pits and BBQ grills.

Patio Material

Whenever you think of planning about backyard patio designs, you must consider the type of patio material. A rather basic patio would work better with a normal concrete floor that can be easily spruced up using some pieces of bricks edging. You could also bring a different appeal simply by staining it with a rather different color.

Stone veneer happens to be yet another good option for your patio, as it provides you with the look and feel of real stone. Still, it will cost way less. Nevertheless, brick happens to be extensively used for many outdoor patios. In addition, it could reward a patio with a rather classic as well as traditional look. But no matter which type of material you want to go for, you got to ensure that you are seriously considering the look and feel it will add to your existing home. You might wish to stay away from brick, for instance, when your home currently features brick as well as some tile.